Global Citizen Education Solutions is a consulting agency based in Houston, Texas. I provide support to administrators, educators, students, nonprofits, and other organizations to advance Global Citizenship Education that encompasses intercultural awareness, human rights, environmental, and sustainable development education.

Ultimately, my goal is to empower and equip people with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets they need to navigate our globalized world and effect social and systemic transformation for the benefit of all.

Founder of GCED Solutions

Maxine Cleminson, MA, PGCE, is the founder of GCED Solutions. Her experience in education spans two decades, three continents, and diverse educational, socio-economic, and cultural settings. She is also committed to lifelong learning and knowledge sharing.

Maxine is an award winning teacher who has taught a variety of subjects including geography, geology, earth science, history, citizenship, and study skills to middle and high school students in a range of settings – from challenging inner city schools to exclusive private preparatory schools in the UK, and large international IB schools in the US to small rural schools in India.

In 2020, Maxine was awarded a Master’s degree in Development Education and Global Learning from University College London (UCL). Her studies focused on current research and practice in development education, global learning and global citizenship.

Maxine is originally from the UK, but has lived the life of a global nomad calling both India and Texas home in recent years. Currently, she is living in Houston, Texas, with her family.

Maxine’s areas of expertise include:

  • global citizenship education – principles, policies, and practice
  • education for sustainable education – principles, policies, and practice
  • incorporating 21st-century and global skills/competences into policy and practice
  • North-South educational partnerships
  • teaching controversial issues
  • design and implementation of project-based learning/STEM curricula utilizing evidence-based pedagogies
  • program design and management
  • event planning, facilitation, and management
  • capacity building – training, coaching, mentoring and curriculum development
  • research, assessment, evaluation, and monitoring
  • academic research and writing.

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