Teaching Controversial Issues: How to talk about gun control in the classroom

By Maxine Cleminson Partisanship in public discourse is an increasing feature of politics in America, particularly over the last decade.  During the 1980s and 1990s, affiliation with one of the two American political parties was more cross-cutting across social voting blocs with supporters of liberal and conservative viewpoints in both broad church parties. This isContinue reading “Teaching Controversial Issues: How to talk about gun control in the classroom”

What is Global Citizenship Education?

By Maxine Cleminson What is Global Citizenship Education? Global Citizenship Education is a field of education that is not easy to succinctly define or even to position neatly in relationship to associated fields of study, despite the best attempts of academics, international organizations, nonprofits, and educators.  Many have attempted to map out the genealogy ofContinue reading “What is Global Citizenship Education?”

Meet our founder

Starting GCED Solutions has been a big step for me, yet in some ways it feels like the perfect vehicle for bringing together the various strands of my global experience. I came to the field of education after a brief and unsatisfactory stint in the corporate world. I had been talked out of training toContinue reading “Meet our founder”