An Introduction to Education for Sustainable Development

Course description

This course will help you understand the principles and practice of Education for Sustainable Development. Drawing on the expertise of ESD practitioners and academics from around the world and utilizing curricular guidelines from influential organizations such as UNESCO and The Commonwealth, this course teaches a framework for ESD grounded in best practice that will enable you to begin to effectively incorporate it in your school and classroom.

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Course outline

This introductory course will take place over 4 sessions:

  • Session 1 – What is sustainable development?
  • Session 2 – Pedagogical principles of ESD.
  • Session 3 – Themes in ESD.
  • Session 4 – Skills, values, and mindsets in ESD.

The course will involve a mixture of presentations, group activities, and individual reflections. It can be delivered in-person or online.

A longer version of the course can be customized to include topics such as:

  • ESD and a deep dive into the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • ESD, globalization, and neoliberalism.
  • Teaching strategies for ESD in the classroom.
  • ESD and project-based learning.

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