Workshop: Evaluating existing programs of study for social justice

Workshop description

In this workshop we will collaboratively review an existing program of study from your organization to assess how it addresses issues of social justice. At the end of the process, we will have identified areas of opportunity to improve the program and you will have concrete recommendations to take away. Drawing on the expertise of postcolonial scholars and academics from around the world such as Vanessa Andreotti, bell hooks, and Paolo Freire, this workshop utilizes a framework grounded in best practice that will enable you to begin to address social justice in your curricula offerings.

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Course outline

This workshop will take place over a series of sessions depending on the program of study being evaluated. In the sessions, we will critically examine the program of study and the accompanying resources to identify problematic themes such as:

  • ethnocentrism
  • paternalism
  • ahistoricism
  • power inequalities
  • simplistic solutions

The workshop will involve a mixture of presentations, guided group activities, and individual reflections. It can be delivered in-person or online.

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