An initial assessment phase will allow me to understand your vision and identify your organizational strengths, gaps, and opportunities. I will then work with you to develop a solution that specifically meets your needs. It could be a brand new tailored program: a fully bespoke curriculum with lesson plans, teaching materials, and assessment tools.  Alternatively it may be more appropriate to evaluate and modify/refine an existing program. I can also support you in developing strategic organizational or business plans that includes technical and programmatic guidance, partnership development, coaching, and more.

Teaching and Coaching

In addition to helping you create programs and curricula for your organization, I can also deliver highly-engaging courses and workshops that provide complete solutions to your needs.  In partnership with you, I can define clear learning objectives and then deliver a range of activities to build skills and competences as well as enhance relevant knowledge and understanding of key issues.  This could be CPE/CPD solutions for faculty members, educational programs for elementary, middle, and/or high school students, workshops for parents, or orientation/debriefing sessions for projects. 

Speaking and facilitation

I can create and deliver engaging presentations and keynote speeches to your audience on a diverse range topics that can be tailored to your specific requirements. I can also facilitate meetings, seminars, conferences and events.

I have learned much about engaging kids as learners from working with you.”

Dr. P Tim Martindell, Ed.D
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