Three reasons why we must stop talking about 21st-century skills in education

By Maxine Cleminson After several years studying Development Education and Global Learning at UCL, one thing I definitely came away with was an intense dislike for the term “21st-century skills”.  For over 40 years, discussions on education policy and practice have frequently focused on the need for students to acquire 21st-century skills. This shift canContinue reading “Three reasons why we must stop talking about 21st-century skills in education”

5 Reasons why Global Citizenship Education is URGENTLY needed

By Maxine Cleminson Like many people, I watched the US news unfolding on January 6th, 2021, in horrified silence. It seemed almost unreal that the US Capitol, an iconic bastion of democracy, was being stormed by insurgents. An attempted coup? In America? Surely not! Sadly, my eyes were not deceiving me. But how did itContinue reading “5 Reasons why Global Citizenship Education is URGENTLY needed”

What is Global Citizenship Education?

By Maxine Cleminson What is Global Citizenship Education? Global Citizenship Education is a field of education that is not easy to succinctly define or even to position neatly in relationship to associated fields of study, despite the best attempts of academics, international organizations, nonprofits, and educators.  Many have attempted to map out the genealogy ofContinue reading “What is Global Citizenship Education?”

Meet our founder

Starting GCED Solutions has been a big step for me, yet in some ways it feels like the perfect vehicle for bringing together the various strands of my global experience. I came to the field of education after a brief and unsatisfactory stint in the corporate world. I had been talked out of training toContinue reading “Meet our founder”